Tuesday, September 7, 2010

19 Months

(August 21)
Oops, behind again! Palo turned 19 months, and I seriously can't believe it! She's such a sassy little bug. We can't even explain how much fun she is! Right now, she is IN LOVE with watching Open Season, Signing time, and Shark Tale...and now is a Justin Bieber fan. She would listen to 'Baby O' over and over again, dancing and singing 'baby, baby, baby, oh' all day if I let her. We get such a kick out of it!
Palo also loves her stuffed animals. She takes them wherever she goes...such a good little mama. 
She's still a football fan and enjoys being at the stadium with dad.
Still not the best sleeper. I'm just praying that one day, it will just hit her and BOOM, she's a good sleeper :)
She's very solid, and is almost too heavy to pick up anymore. 
Still loves being outside. 
Runs away when she knows she's in trouble.
Has a thing for toothpaste..hm.
We just LOVE Palo SOO much, and don't know what we would do without her. 
Little stinker LOVES getting into my make-up, and here's her attempt of putting on mascara...not too bad!!
Cell phone, glasses, purse, all ready to go :)
Did I not say Diva?? She's was born a singer! Such a cutie...


Dan and Fiti DeWitt said...

oh palo is so cute! i think she'll be great at doing makeup.

Devan and Lexie said...

haha I LOVE these pictures! She's too cute Whit! Oh...I use picasa to do my collages. It's WAY easy to use.