Thursday, April 1, 2010

Art Project

Palo trying on my shorts...she insisted haha
naked shot, all painted...

Thanks to my neighbor friend, I now have a few fun things to do to keep Palo busy! Painting the shower is our latest...and her daddy decided to step up and paint, too...which resulted in him painting on Palo, and vice versa. Turned out to be pretty fun for the two of them! Here are a few 13 month facts about our little sissy.
-BUSY...inside, outside, always on the go.
-She drinks out of a cup on her own, and eats with a fork or spoon alone (messy but she loves it)
-She now says ICE, TOES, SHOES, PALO, THANK YOU, NO, and a few others I can't remember. She still wishes she could talk and is mumbling ALL the time.
-Loves to be outside, playing in the dirt and eating rocks!
-Her walking is now running.
-She's a copy cat! She likes to do what mom and dad are doing.
-Has a shoe fetish. Is always trying on my shoes, as well as her own.
-Still not sleeping through the night..yes it's killing me:)
Overall she's just growing up WAY too fast. I can't believe how time fly's! We sure love being with Palo and have loved watching her learn and grow!


Tiffany Webster said...

Oh my gosh, I just LOVE it!!! I can't handle how cute she is! I swear... where does the time go, It feels like you just had her, and she is already so big. Next thing you know Kameron's going to be married and have a little one. Some how I'm going to stop time....but, not of course until AFTER I have this little one. Love ya!

Us said...
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Cidney said...

That is such a good idea!!! What kind of paint do you use and how the heck do you keep it out of her mouth!?!? I cannot believe how big she is getting, absolutely beautiful!!