Thursday, May 28, 2009

4 months

We had the babies 4 month appointment yesterday and shes 16lbs 6oz, 25in long. So pretty much she's huge! But we still think she's perfect. She is eating cereal with applesauce, bananas, and all that good stuff...and she loves it. She LOVES to be outside. She cries everytime we walk back in the house. Palo smiles a lot and is starting to giggle quite a bit. She is such a blessing in our lives, we can't get enough! It's crazy how fast they grow up and we are trying to enjoy every minute of her!She loves her money!

This is how I found the baby and Misi one asleep. It also gives you a good shot of all her fun rolls!

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Troy and Segi Worthen said...

i love the father/daughter cute! Palo is beautiful